Shape shifter / Carlos Santana


Carlos Santana

Edité par Sony Music - 2012

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Abraxas / Santana. | Carlos Santana

Abraxas / Santana.

CD | Carlos Santana | 1974

Singing winds, crying beasts. Black magic woman/Gipsy queen --Oye como va. Hope you're feeling better. Se a cabo. Mother's daughter. Samba pa ti. Incident at Neshabur. El nicoya..

Supernatural / Santana | Carlos Santana

Supernatural / Santana

CD | Carlos Santana | 1999

(Da le) taleo. Love of my life. Put your lights on. Africa bamba. Smooth. Do you like the way. Maria maria. Migra. Corazon espinado. Wishing it was. Primavera ..

The Ultimate collection / Santana | Carlos Santana

The Ultimate collection / Santana

CD | Carlos Santana | 2000

CD n°1 : Jin-go-lo-ba. Evil ways. Soul sacrifice. Black magic woman / Gypsy queen. Oye como va. Se a cabo. Samba pa ti. Everybody's everything. No one to depend on. Guajira. Para los rumberos. La fuente del ritmo. Song of the wind...

Guitar heaven : the greatest guitar classics of all time / Carlos Santana | Carlos Santana

Guitar heaven : the greatest guitar classics ...

CD | Carlos Santana | 2010

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